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My name is Nick Kremers, founder of Stroke Lyfe. I had a massive hemorrhagic stroke on December 3, 2018. I was left completely paralyzed on my left side. I laid in bed, feeling sorry for myself for the first two years, following my stroke, thinking i was doomed to be in a wheelchair the rest of my life. Then i started reading stroke recovery books and realized it was possible to retrain my brain and actually recover. I knew it was going to take a lot of work, but i was willing to do anything to recover. So I made a TikTok to help document my recovery, As I exercised everyday, I realized I was slowly getting better. This was possible. What i didn't realize, was as i was documenting my recovery on TikTok, I was inspiring and motivating other stroke survivors, who, themselves, were looking for an outlet and new ways to recover. This excited me and only gave me more fuel to do my exercises to recover. TikTok had held me accountable and gave me a new passion, to motivate and inspire other stroke survivors. It is now my life passion and the driving force behind the Stroke Lyfe brand. I was in a wheelchair for 2.5 years, but through rigorous exercise, have retrained my brain. Now, I'm coming up on my 5-year anniversary since my stroke.  I am now only working on my fingers to come back. is still in its early launch phase, but if you get a chance, check it out. Items are being added daily. I made some really cool logos that not only any stroke survivor, but ANYONE would wear. A portion of every sale also goes to stroke recovery research and survivor's families. So you can look stylish with these clothing and accessories, but also feel good because youre helping the community. So what are you waiting on, check out already. 


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