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1.65-2" UTV Wide Rear View Racing Mirror

1.65-2" UTV Wide Rear View Racing Mirror

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Upgrade your UTV's style with the KEMIMOTO High-Quality Aluminum Rearview Mirror Kit – a perfect blend of fashion, functionality, and durability.

Explore a new dimension of off-road elegance with our 100% Brand New Rearview Mirror Kit crafted from high-quality aluminum. The hexagonal frame design and unique patterns not only add a touch of metal sophistication but also enhance the overall fashion of your UTV. Engineered for compatibility with 1.65"-2" round roll bars, this kit ensures a secure fit, anti-vibration stability, and easy installation without additional tools.


  1. Hexagonal frame design for a strong sense of metal and UTV fashion.
  2. High-quality aluminum construction for lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and durable mirrors.
  3. 4mm thick frame with a 2mm thick aluminum sheet on the back for robustness.
  4. Explosion-proof film to prevent glass breakage and splashing.
  5. Tooth-designed jig for firm railing attachment and anti-vibration effect.
  6. 5-slot length adjustment for stability and customized positioning.
  7. 3 adjustment modes for the best rearview angle.
  8. Compatible with various round roll bar sizes (1.65"-2").

Revitalize your UTV's appearance and functionality. Upgrade to the KEMIMOTO Rearview Mirror Kit today and experience off-road elegance like never before. Drive in style, drive in confidence!

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