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5Core Beard Trimmer for Men Electric Razor Head Shaver for Bald Men

5Core Beard Trimmer for Men Electric Razor Head Shaver for Bald Men

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Discover the epitome of grooming perfection with the 5Core Electric Razor Head Shaver (SHV 6 S). Crafted to redefine your shaving experience, this sleek and efficient 5-in-1 razor kit is a testament to our commitment to delivering the highest quality products since 1984.

Designed with a floating 6-head system, our skull shaver maximizes contact with your skin for a faster and cleaner shave. The versatility of the 5-in-1 razor head set, including replacement shaver heads for various applications, makes it the ideal companion for meeting all your daily shaving needs. This electric razor is not just a grooming tool; it's a statement of style and efficiency, making it a perfect gift for any occasion.


  • Fast Rechargeable: Up to 90 minutes of cordless running time with just 1.5 hours of charging.
  • Portable: Compact and suitable for home or on-the-go grooming.
  • Smart LED Display: Recharging reminders, cleaning prompts, and a travel lock feature for a seamless experience.
  • Comfort Cut: Rounded blade caps with self-sharpening for a gentle and comfortable shave.

Package includes: 1x Shaver, 1x Facial Washing Brush, 1x Nose Trimmer, 1x Shaving Knife, 1x Massage Head, 1x Hair Trimmer, 1x Cleansing Brush, 3x Limit combs, and 1x USB Charging Cable.


  • Trim and shape facial hair.
  • Wet and dry shaving with the versatile 5-in-1 razor kit.
  • Fulfill a range of grooming needs, including shaving the scalp.
  • Ideal for on-the-go grooming while traveling.

Benefits of the Product:

  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Provides a faster and cleaner shave.
  • Simple to use with no worry about cuts.
  • Ideal for bald heads and various facial hair styles.
  • Saves time and effort compared to salon visits.

Benefits of 5 Core over other products:

  • Skin-friendly and gentle shaving experience.
  • Waterproof design for wet and dry use.
  • Double-ring floating knife blades for a close shave.
  • Fine and smooth blades for long-lasting sharpness.
  • Six floating heads cover a larger area for efficient trimming.

Why 5 Core:

  • Known for producing high-quality, premium products since 1984.
  • Committed to using the best materials and components for product longevity.
  • Offers the best deals without compromising on quality.
  • The trustworthy choice for thousands of customers worldwide in over 65 countries.
  • Backed by a proven track record of happy customers and peace of mind.


  • Smart LED: Yes (5 Core) / No (Other Product)
  • Fast Charging: Yes (5 Core) / No (Other Product)
  • Round Blade: Yes (Both)
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