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Kensen 5 In 1 Electric Hair Dryer Brush With Blow Styler Negative Ion

Kensen 5 In 1 Electric Hair Dryer Brush With Blow Styler Negative Ion

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Kensen 5 In 1 Electric Hair Dryer Brush With Blow Styler Negative Ion Detachable Hair Dryer Hot Air Styler Comb For Men Women


【Negative Ion Hair Brush Dryer 】adopts advanced negative ion technology protecting hair from overheating and has high temperature resistance. KENSEN blow dryer brush straightener can Provide constant temperature to prevent hair damaged, make hair smooth, soft and healthy

【Medium/High speed, Hot/Cool Temperature 】kensen hair brush blow dryer provide multiple choice on to styling your hair.Surface temperature of cold air: 40.5 degrees in the first gear and 48.5 degrees in the second gear,Surface temperature of hot air: 85 ° C in the first gear and 95 ° C in the second gear.

【5 IN 1 Multifunction Hot Styling Brush】The hot air brush kit for hair style salon activities at home.Served as a dryer, volumizer, curler, and straightener, it allows you to achieve gorgeous hairstyles efficiently, saving your time and money.

【Safety & After-Sales Guarantee】The blowout brush meets safety requirements and proudly features the CE、GS 、 ROHS、Reach Certification seal.

Hot air comb hair styler

One machine with multiple functions, easy to create various shapes.

Different hair lengths to create your favorite styleIt

it only takes 5 minutes to create a handsome and beautiful hairstyle.

Dry hair,straight hair curly hair-Three functions in one

interchangeable brush attachments that make straightening, curling, volumizing, and scalp massaging a breeze.

Top digital motor,strong airflow fast drying.

kensen second-generation digital motor is the source of styling.The precise and powerful airflow drices the Coanda effrct to dry quickly and complete the shape.

Coanda effect,easy to shape with air.

Kensen digital motor outputs sterputs sttong pressure,which can form a continus airflow around the reel to attract curly hair and prevent hair form tangling.

Top digital motor,strong airfolw fast drying

Featured by a built-in generator that releases negative ions, the hair dryer brush head made by nylon bristles and nylon pins helps to maintain a neutral electric charge on the hair surface, reducing static and leaving healthy and shiny hair.

The effect of product accessories.

Tuyere concentrator

Blow the wet hair until it it is damp and not dripping,ready for styling.

Straight hair brush

Smoothes frizzy hair and creates a smooth effect.

Point roll brush

Slightly curly or wavy hairstyles are suitable.

Big roll brush

Fluffy curly hair or big wavy hairstyles are suitable.

Curling comb

Lift the hair roots up to create a fluffy effect.Packing list:

1* hair curler irons

1* hair dryer

1* hair brush

1* hot comb

1* holder

1* manual


Q: Does this hot air comb smell?

A: Generally, there will be a slight smell at the beginning, and there wil be no peculiar smell after 3-4 times of use.

Q: During use,some power plugs/power cords are found to be abnornnally hot?

A: Stop using it and ask the dealer to repair it.

Q: Can it be used abroad?

A: It can be used in countries/regions with AC 220-240V. Please prepare the plug adapter separately in the area other than the plug.

Q:What if I use it without towel drying after washing my hair?

A: It is dangerous to use on wet hair. Hot water droplets may fly away and cause burns. Clean your hair before use and blow dry after washing.

Q: It takes time for the iron to cool,but where and how should I put it?

A: Place the machine on a flat surface made of a material that is not sensitive to heat. The heat of the iron may cause discoloration, deformation, fire,etc of the material. In addition, do not place it in the bathroom or wet place(such as on the washbasin). Due to the deterioration of the insulation, there is a risk of electric shock or fire.

Q:Does this hot air brush really cuts the drying time?

A: It can not only dry my hair in the fastest time, but also complete the styling while drying.

Q: Is it suitable for short hair?

A: It is ,sutable for curly hair and straight hair.

Q: Is this hair dryer windy?

A: The air volume and heat of this hair dryer can meet the needs of your different hairstyles. The traditional hair dryer can only dry your hair, please do not compare it with the traditional hair dryer. When using, it is recommerded to blow the hair to about 80%, and the styling effect will be better.

Q: Can I use it directly on wet hair or do I have to wait until my hair gets damp?

A: I would use it on damp hair, not on completely soaked hair. In fact,try not to use it when soaking wet hair,because hot water droplets may burn the skin.

Q: Will the back of the hairbrush become hot or burnt?

A: During use, the hairbrush will become hot under hot air. The temperature of the brush will rise, so hands cannot touch it directly.

Q: Why does the brush head locks closed and then comes loose when in use?

A: If it is loose,you should not lock it.When installing the brushes, you need to use some force to turn to the left and hear the ticking sound, otherwise it will fall easily if the installation is not successful.If it doesn't click it will work itself loose. Once you locking correctly, it never falls off.

Q: Is it easy for beginners to use this product for the first time?

A: It's easy for beginners, because you can comb your like a normal comb without connecting to a power source. After you are familiar with the product,you can choose the temperature and wind force according to your needs.

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