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Mountain Hydraulic Lift Fuel Forklift Integrated Four-wheel Drive

Mountain Hydraulic Lift Fuel Forklift Integrated Four-wheel Drive

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Mountain Hydraulic Lift Fuel Forklift Integrated Four-wheel Drive Off-road Forklift Construction Machinery Crane

CHINA DARU company mainly sells small crawler excavators, wheel excavator spare parts, forklifts, forklifts, smart lawn mowers, construction machinery, garden machinery, etc. Overseas CNMC project supporting high-quality service provider, sufficient supply, supporting retail and wholesale.

1 .Customs clearance fee, import tax, VAT and port of destination port fee are not included in the price and freight.
2 .The amount of tariff depends on your local national policy, if there are special document requirements, please let us know.
3. The machine will be shipped to the basic port of your country by sea or the capital of the landlocked country. If you are importing in  personal , you need to contact the local customs clearance company in advance and confirm whether the import can be made in your personal name, and provide consignee information before shipment (company/person, address, phone).
4.If you need door-to-door delivery, please provide your city name, zip code, and detailed address so that we can verify the door-to-door freight and timeliness.
5 Please make sure that you can clear the customs by yourself or through an agent. If the goods cannot be cleared after arriving at the port, your customs will destroy the goods and you must bear all the costs caused by the customs clearance agreement.

Dear friends, if you are interested, Please contact us through AliExpress message, we will get back to you soon, and discuss cooperation and transaction details, please do not directly place an order for payment. we have better prices.24hours on-line services:
Whatsapp:+86 18103833123

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