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Small Town 17.7CM*6.7CM Disabled Sign Disability Mobility Wheelchair

Small Town 17.7CM*6.7CM Disabled Sign Disability Mobility Wheelchair

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100% brand new, and good quality, and universal fitment to all the vehicles

Decorate your car with personalized car decal,

which made to a personlized look of your car

The car decal is durable to heat and sunlight,

so it's not faded at least for years

Easy to install, just peel and paste

They will not destroy color or surface it pasted on Material:High quality PVC environmental protection material,waterproof sunscreen,

not fade 8 color printting and engraving integrated,

24 pascal wonderful spray.Perfect cut,each one is a work of art

Color:As the pictures show

Size:  As pic show

Installation Instruction:

1.Anhydrous paste

will be posted on the site

Stripped of all or part of the end of the paper,set a good position,

is fixed on the upper end,from top to bottom paste on the body.

use a plastic scraper or bank cart and forth scraping,extrusion will be fully air.

will be posted on the site clean stripped of all at the end or paper,

aqueous cleaning agent sprayed on the body the adhesive area and stickers on the gum surface set a good position,

the sticker carefully attached to the vehicle body with a plastic scraper scraping,scraping out the water and the air.

the natural air dry for 30 minutes,finally revealed to transfer film.


Never put the car under the hot sun within 48 hours after the installation!

Never wash the car within 48 hours after installation!


Small Town 17.7CM*6.7CM Disabled Sign Disability Mobility Wheelchair  PVC Car Sticker Decal 11-00083


Your sticker has 3 parts:

Paper Backing            Sticker              Clear Transfer Tape


1 Clean the surface where the decal will be installed 
2 Slowly removed the paper backing making sure that your decal remains stuck to the clear transfer tape. If part of your decal lifts up with the backing, press the paper backing back down against it until it stays stuck to the transfer tape.
3 Once your decal is peeled away from the backing, line up & position your decal against the surface to which it will be applied.
4 Use a credit card, squegee, or something similar to smooth down your decal, making sure that it is completely stuck to the surface.

5 Carefully & Slowly, remove the transfer tape from your decal, making sure that your decal is stuck to the surface. If you see part of the decal does not release from the transfer tape, press it back down to the surface and repeat the process.


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