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Trustfire 18650 Battery Rechargeable Battery 3.7V Capacity Li-ion

Trustfire 18650 Battery Rechargeable Battery 3.7V Capacity Li-ion

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TrustFire TR-020 4 Slot USB Smart Li-ion Battery Charger for 18650 26650 16340 14500 35650 Rechargeable Batteries

TR-020 Intelligent fast charger

Type-C input port support QC3.0

STN display for real-time charging information

USB output port 5V=2.1A. Max 2.4A

0V activation,rescue over discharge battery

for all the rechargeable cylindrical battery to charge


1. Input voltage: DC 5V/9V
2. Output voltage: 4.35V, 4.2V, 3.6V, 1.45V
3. Output current: 1.5A*2 (the 1st/4th slot
4. charging current under 2rd/3rd slot vacant situation.)
                    1A*4 ( each slot charging at the same time )                          
0.5A*4 (1.2V battery charging current )
5. USB Output: 5V=2.1A ( MAX 2.4A )
6. Temperature: -10℃ - 55℃
7. Product size: 120*49*152mm
8. Net weight :  235g

Compatible with: Li-ion/ IMR/ ICR
10440/ 10500/ 12340/ 12500/ 12650/ 13450/ 13500/ 13650 / 14350/ 14500/ 14650/ 16340/ 16650/ 17350/ 17500/ 17650/ 17670/ 18350/ 18490/ 18500/ 18650/ 22500/ 22650/ 25500/ 26650/ 32650
Ni-Mh ( NiCd ) : AA/ AAA / AAAA / C.D

Product Features

--Intelligent fast QC 3.0 ( Type-C, the largest output current 1.5V )
--Four slots intelligent and independent circuit.
--Adopting STN HD liquid crystal display
--Intelligent recognition 1.2V battery and detect non-rechargeable battery
--0V activation, rescue over discharge battery
--The charging status ( voltage, capacity, current, temperature ) of each slot can be detected in real time.
--Can be a power bank charger for other device.
--A variety of safety protection functions (over-charge, over-discharge, anti-reverse, short circuit, high temperature protection.)

Type-C Input Port Support QC3.0

Ready for The Finest Detail

Enlarge the slot, minimizes contact resistance to achieve a more precise charging, generate less heat and provide smooth sliding action when installing and removing batteries. Constructed from ABS fire retardant materials and built to the highest standards of safety. Trustfire aims to bring you a safe and seamless user experience.

Against Backward Installation and Short Circuit

Integrated reverse polarity& short circuit protection:  if a battery is incorrectly inserted, power indicator bars with flash quickly while "Erro " appears to urge a cease of charging process.

Over-discharge Li-ion Battery Activation

The TR-020 is capable of activating over-discharged Li-ion batteries with a protective circuit. After battery installation, TR-020 will test and activate the battery before charging.

Intelligent Recognition 1.2V Battery and Detect

Non-rechargeable Battery
When put 1.5V (AA/ AAA) non-rechargeable battery in, the screen will remind you " Erro".

Four Slot Intelligent and Independent Circuit

Warm but Never Dangerous

Real-time Monitors and controls internal temperature to prevent over-heat ( 55℃ ) and ensure charging safety.

USB Output Port can be charge to power bank or PC/ computer,  Let you charge it everywhere.

--Brand Name: TrustFire
--Quick charge: Yes
--Intelligent Charge: Yes
--Origin: shenzhen China
--Display screen: Yes
--Type: USB
--Certification: CE,FCC,RoHS
--Use: Standard Battery
--Model Number: TR020
--Voltage: 3.7 В
--Package: Yes
--Output Interface: USB Output
--Color: Black
--Input voltage: Type-C 5V/9V
--Output voltage: 4.35V, 4.2V, 3.6V, 1.45V
--USB Output: 5V=2.1A ( MAX 2.4A )
--Charger Cable: USB charge cable
--Temperature: -10℃ - 55℃
--Product size: 120*49*152mm
--Net weight: 235g
--TR-020 Rechargeable Battery Charger: Type-C input port support QC3.0
--Trustfire Lithium Battery Charger: 4 Slots Quick Battery Charger

Product Features:

1.Model: 18650
2. With protection board, avoid over-charge, over-recharge and over-current
3. Large Capacity, Long Cycle Life with Protection Board, avoid over-charge, over-recharge and over-current. Ultraportable, High
Energy Density, Consistency, High Security.
4. Function of protection board: Avoid over-charge, over-recharge and over-current
5. Battery anode take convex head design, civil standard and easy to use
6. High rate discharge,no "memory effect", short circuit, over charge and discharge protection.
7. Net Weight: 51g
8.We are a original factory(OEM can accept), the factory can according to your demand attach your own logo or brand


High-strength stainless steel housing


In the case of a short circuit inside thebattery cell,the exhaust gas can beeffectively eliminated to avoid battery swelling and danger


10 years guarantee in storage
CYCLE TIME:>1000 times

Negative PCB protection board:

It can effectively protect the battery from over-current,over-dis-charge,over-charge,and short circuit protection,and automat-ically protect the battery.

Note length:

because we have installed PCB protection for the battery

TrustFire battery length=pure battery cell+PCB

so please refer to our battery size picture ensure TrustFire battery can fit your device before you buy it.

The battery picture is as follows


1. Please keep battery out of reach of your children in case they swallow.
2. Please keep batteries in dry and cool place.
3. Do not put the battery in fire

TrustFire Story:

--TrustFire is a high-tech enterprise specializing in designing and producing environmental, energy saving, healthy LED electronic products.
--Since founding in 2004, TrustFire aims at becoming an industry leader, setting up four modern production lines, we have an experienced engineering and technical R&D team. Excelsior quality and perfect after-sales service are bound to make TrustFire out of the first brand of LED electronic products. At present, TrustFire main products cover high power flashlights, bicycle lights, headlamp lights, diving flashlights, tactical flashlights and various flashlights' accessories, including Bicycle Accessories,chargers, rechargeable batteries, lamp cups etc, which have been exported all over the world.
--With the business philosophy "Science and technology innovation for development, Honesty first, Quality first, Customer first. "Within eight years of struggle, TrustFire has already made a professional production team, R&D team and strong marketing network, Now we have more than 300 employees. Human resource structure is in a higher level than the same industry. Staff team is better educated, younger and full of vigor and vitality. Facing new opportunities and challenges, TrustFire will be relentless pursuit and persistent endeavor. Dedicated the philosophy "Green, Healthy, environmental" to every customers for better life!

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